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Mr. JM Galindez PROFIFISH International Business Director, P Lopez PROFIFISH Commercial Director visited in the company of Mr. Ricardo Kim PROFIFISH Commercial Officer for the Korean Market, several PROFIFISH customers in Korea. During some days, the PROFIFISH team visited Seoul, Southern Gyeongsang, Pusan, and Daejeon Regions in order to meet personally with Executives from the most reputable Feed Companies of the country.

During days, PROFIFISH Executives had the opportunity to visit the operations of customers, understand their needs, characteristics, and size of their markets. With this activity, PROFIFISH closed links, and increased its commitment to its valued customers of Korea.

PROFIFISH Executives agreed that develop win-win long-term business and commercial relations demand of our Organization to know deeply our customers operations, and needs in the short, medium, and long-term. The PROFIFISH Executives left the message to their customers that our Organization is an «Open Doors Supplier», where customers are inviting to make suggestions for improvement, participating in the development of our work processes in order to guarantee to all of us excellent products that are continuously improving.

PROFIFISH thanks its customers in Korea their very special attentions, the time spent on our team, and their valuable information about their needs and local operation. PROFIFISH consolidates its commitment to providing excellent products and services to its customers in this market.

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